Reasons to use a mortgage broker

Finding the right loan is just one step in the property buying process and a quality Mortgage Broker will do far more than just organise your loan.

Below are just some of the many reasons to use a Mortgage Broker.

1. No cost

You do not pay a Mortgage Broker.  Mortgage Brokers are paid commission by the lender so the service is free to use.

2. Save time

A Mortgage Broker will do the research for you.  They will search through the lender options they have available to find the best fit for you, saving you time and confusion.

3. More choice

With more than 30 lenders to choose from and hundreds of loans available a Mortgage Broker can find one that is just right for you.

4. Streamline the process

A Mortgage Broker will prepare the loan application, follow up with the lender and keep you constantly updated to ensure a smooth, worry free loan process.

5. Education on the process

A Mortgage Broker can provide education and guidance on any part of the process that is new to you or you have not dealt with before.

6. Discussing options available

Not sure what to do next, how much you can borrow or if you are ready to borrow at all?  A Mortgage Broker can help to explore the options available and the impact taking out a particular loan will have on your circumstances.

7. Ongoing support

Even after the loan has settled your Mortgage Broker will continue to offer loan reviews, loan top-ups and provide ongoing education and advice.

8. Convenience

Many brokers will come to see you at a time and place that is convenient to you.  This could be at work, at home or at a café and could be during work hours, after hours or even on weekends.

9. Structure for now and the future

A Broker will help to ensure the loan and account structures you put in place today will have the flexibility needed in the future too.

10. More likely to get approval

A Broker will assess your circumstances against the lenders available and select lenders and products where the loan policies and borrowing capacity match.  Giving you the best chance of your loan being approved.

11. Identify and explain fees and charges.

There are many different fees and charges that will be incurred when purchasing a property and taking out a loan.  A Mortgage Broker will identify these costs and charges up front so that you know what to expect.

12. Lender specials

Mortgage Brokers receive constant communication and updates from lenders about their latest deals and can quickly identify if an existing special will suit your current position.

13. Property Investment knowledge and experience

Not all Mortgage Brokers are active property investors themselves but if you find one that is (like Yeti Wise) they can be a wealth of knowledge for all things property investment.

14. No from one lender does not mean no from all lenders

Self employed, casual, on probation, mortgage arrears, loan defaults, discharged bankrupt?  Mortgage Brokers have access to a range of lenders and will be able to find one that is comfortable with your unique history.

15. Other specialists

In addition to their own expertise, Mortgage Brokers have access to a network of trusted experts that can help build your dream team.


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