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The journey towards founding Hunter Mortgages started with the purchase of our first family home and the subsequent accumulation of a substantial property investment portfolio.

While building our property portfolio we were very fortunate to find a great mortgage broker and a community full of property investment people that were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Through these relationships, we built our knowledge of property, lending and loan structuring but always remember what it felt like to be unsure of what is possible or where go to with questions.

Now we get to share what we have learned by providing advice and mentoring on budgeting, cash flow, loan selection, loan structuring and financial concepts.

The aim when creating Hunter Mortgages was to provide the kind of service we were looking for when we started out and help answer the kind of questions we had on our journey.
Brett Hunter

Brett Hunter

Brett established Hunter Mortgages in 2014 to share his knowledge and provide education and advice on loan structuring, property investment and loan selection.

In just 6 years from 2008 to 2014, Brett moved his young family from renting to owning their own home and acquiring 5 investment properties all without having to sacrifice their lifestyle.

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Bachelors Degree in Engineering

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Mortgage & Finance Strategist

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Managing Director

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Active Property Investor

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Dad of two awesome kids

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Talented leader and mentor

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

​Former Manufacturing Manager

Advantage of using Hunter Mortgages

Former Harness racing driver

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We help busy people select, source and structure their loans to better match their goals and their lifestyle.

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We help you understand and get in control of your finances so that you can get on with the stuff that matters...
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